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Devon has always been a fan of the "Ruben" tire, so to honor this legendary tread pattern he modeled the "Fuego' tire after it. But, he also knew street riding was much harder on tires, so his tire had to be as tough as could possibly be while still looking amazing. Using a new tear resistant inner layer technology, "High Pressure and Puncture Resistance"(HPPR), a pinch-flat resistant layer at the tires bead, a denser, stiffer sidewall and an even harder sidewall "Protection line" that was originally featured on "Ruben's" first tire which protects as well as help slide during grinds all make this one durable tire! Devon also wanted a slightly smaller tire, smaller than other comparable tires, a 2.30" to help grab a little less during grinds, but still large enough to absorb the rigors of street riding. And at Devon's preferred 30PSI tire pressure, but with capabilities all the way up to 120PSI, the "Fuego" tire is one of the toughest, most versatile tires on the market.
· HPPR layer technology: High Pressure and Puncture Resistance.
· Harder sidewall compound
· Harder "protection line" compound.
· Pinch resistant layer at the tires bead.
· Low-pressure stability, but 120-PSI capability.

Weight Black: 620 g / 21.8 oz
Weight White, Tan, Blue: 730 g / 25.7 oz
Material: 60TPI Construction



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